He Predicted Aaron Rodgers' Achilles Injury 2 Hours Before It Happened

He Predicted Aaron Rodgers' Achilles Injury 2 Hours Before It Happened

Aaron Rodgers being helped to the sideline due to injury

An X user, formerly known as Twitter, by the name of David Zaslav, under the X user handle @DaddyZaslav, predicted that New York Jets Quarterback, 39-year-old, Aaron Rodgers would go down to an Achilles injury two hours before it happened live during Monday Night Football on September 11, 2023 against the Buffalo Bills. This tweet went viral with over 10 million views, leaving people wondering if this was just a coincidence or if NFL football games are scripted. The X user's account was suspended the next day.




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X Account Suspended After Predicting Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles Injury With Creepy Precision

This guy eerily predicted New York Jets’ Quarterback Aaron Rodgers's injury 2 hours before it happened, and his account got deleted by X, formally known as Twitter. How did he accurately predict that this would happen? Does this confirm that NFL football games are scripted? Also, I have some footage I will play that gives us a possible answer to this question. 

So what happened yesterday during Monday Night Football was one of the worst things that could happen to any athlete or human. Making his debut with his brand new team after being traded from the Green Bay Packers during this off-season, 39-year-old former league MVP Aaron Rodgers was set to start as the Quarterback for the New York Jets, battling against another New York football team, the Buffalo Bills on September 11th, 2023, at MetLife Stadium with a packed crowd in attendance.

The game started at about 8:15 pm Eastern Standard Time. Aaron Rodgers was introduced to the screaming crowd while holding the USA Flag in his hand while running to the field in honor of the September 11th precedent that occurred back in 2001, when the Twin Towers were struck by hijacked planes and bombs were detonated from the basements of each building causing them to crumble demolition style killing hundreds of people in the process that were located inside and outside of the buildings. Some say it was an inside job, but that's a different story for another time. 

So when it was time for Aaron Rodgers to step up as the Quarterback and lead his team to drive the ball down the field in hopes of scoring a touchdown, Aaron Rodgers was severely injured at precisely the fourth play in motion during that series. He was tackled by an opposing defensive lineman who attempted to sack the Quarterback for a loss in yards to gain, forcing the Jets further away from the goal line. Aaron Rodgers got up from the turf limping, then stood straight up with disappointment on his face and proceeded to sit himself back down onto the turf and rolled on his back in obvious pain, and then he waited for the training staff to assist him. 

I mean, this was like watching a movie plucked straight from the demonic minds of Hollywood writers infested with rage as they are drenched in sweat inside of a secluded panic room without any windows and one locked metal door, sitting on the floor as they slave away with tireless writing for hours and hours out of the day with no bathroom breaks and no A/C or water to drink. 

Two hours before this incident occurred live on television, a Twitter account or X account by the name of David Zaslav under the handle @ DaddyZaslav tweeted, “Aaron Rodgers is going to tear his Achilles on a rain drenched MetLife turf in 2.5 hours.” This tweet was posted at 6:01 Eastern Standard Time on 9/11/2023. 

Even though this tweet garnered thousands of likes, retweets, and even millions of views, it is still being determined when it went viral. Still, I can only assume it went viral soon after the injury. 

So, how did he predict this so accurately? Was this just some random coincidence, or are NFL football games scripted? Is he a scriptwriter for the NFL and used a burner account to get the truth out?

Looking into this a bit more, the name David Zaslav is the name of the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery company, and this is not his official social media account, so we can conclude that this was a parody account which Twitter or now called X allows parody accounts as long as they publicize that they are not attempting to impersonate the natural person. 

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Some X users stated that this account was banned from the platform on September 12th due to his responses to people making jokes about Aaron Rodgers underneath his prediction post that he did keep up even after it happened. One X user tweeted, “I think he got suspended bc if you looked at his page last night, he went crazy on people tweets who were making fun of Rodgers. Telling them to off themselves and such.”

Here is a screenshot we will use as an example to show you his responses to people who said anything about Aaron Rodgers. Calling someone a piece of shit, and then in another tweet, he went off the rails a bit more in his response, so, to say the very least, he defensively had Aaron’s back. No pun intended. 

Some X users stated that this was a burner account of an NFL scriptwriter; one user tweeted, “This is a burner of one the script writers, clearly.” 

Another X user pointed out that the game clock was stopped for Aaron Rodger’s injury at exactly 11:19; here’s the screenshot, and this closely mirrors the date of 9/11, which was the date of the precedent that I mentioned earlier that happened in New York, and this also closely mirrors the date of this football game already underway. Could this all just be a coincidence? Are we just looking too far into this as if none of this was scripted and it was God’s plan? 

Are we going to say that this guy just randomly accurately predicted Aaron Rodgers’s injury down to the condition of the turf of the field and the state of the weather for the night, and even down to the exact time it would all take place?

What about the use of a random person’s name who just so happens to be the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery at a time when he is responsible for rapidly removing and indefinitely scrubbing multiple television series and on-demand shows from their platforms without warning, no matter how big or how small their fanbases are?

The real David Zaslav was quoted stating, “They didn’t take one show off a platform that would help us in any way.” He added, “They will replace those shows with content that has a chance to be more successful with a larger audience.” This guy is one of Hollywood’s Thanos, making people’s lives disappear at the snap of his fingers. 

Thousands of people are upset with the actual guy that this X user is impersonating because their favorite shows to watch are gone to no avail. Is he calling himself Daddy Zaslav in favor of this random executive decision to fire hundreds of people, from actors and actresses to film writers and directors and their staff employees, all while breaking the hearts of thousands of their fans? 

Was he portraying himself on the X platform as the protagonist or the antagonist in this sense? Keep in mind that the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, had this account suspended, but was it due to his reactions to people’s tweets, or was it because it exposed the NFL and its football games as being scripted, and the NFL asked X to take it down?

Earlier, I said that I would be playing footage that could answer the question of whether the NFL football games are scripted. This video was posted by the official YouTube channel of the New York Jets just a few days before the first game, where some of its players were asked if NFL football games are scripted or not. 

Pay attention to everything you will see and hear within this video, from their facial reactions, quick responses to the question, body language, and tone of voice used to answer this question. 

Now, it's evident that an NFL football team would only ask their players this type of question if it was done so to conduct damage control. Many people, including ex-NFL players, have spoken out and informed the public that NFL games are scripted. Still, the public doesn’t care, nor do they want to hear from ex-NFL players that their favorite game to watch on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays is yet another Hollywood production.

And just like one of the players mentioned inside of the video I just played for you, they do have to sign a clause that prevents them from telling the truth anyway, unless they want to lose their jobs and dreams of being a graciously paid NFL player. 

Not everyone can get as lucky as Colin Kaepernick did when he took a knee and spoke out against police brutality toward so-called Black Americans on national television. He still signed a multi-million deal with Nike that allowed him to live a luxurious lifestyle for the rest of his life.


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