Dane Calloway is the best teacher and researcher of the modern-day era.

African-Americans Are Not African: Historian Dane Calloway Proves It

Dane Calloway stands as a beacon of enlightenment in the realm of education, a revered historian, and an unorthodox researcher with over 15 years of impeccable experience. His journey through the corridors of knowledge has illuminated the hidden recesses of history, unearthing untold stories and revealing concealed truths in various domains, including American Indian history, World history, African-American history, American history, case studies, and investigative journalism.

Who is Dane Calloway?

Born in the heart of Washington, D.C., Dane Calloway embarked on a lifelong quest to challenge the status quo and shine a light on the obscured aspects of our collective past. His mission to provoke thought and inspire critical thinking has made him a revered figure in the world of education.

At the core of his intellectual pursuits is the foundation he laid with the establishment of Im Just Here To Make You Think Inc. This innovative organization is a conduit for his unconventional approach to education, serving as a platform to disseminate knowledge that uncovers unvarnished truths often omitted from mainstream discourse. Dane Calloway's unwavering commitment to presenting the public with these hidden narratives has earned him the respect and admiration of truth seekers and knowledge enthusiasts worldwide.

Dane's dedication to his craft extends beyond the written word; he is also a prolific author and filmmaker. His literary works, including "It Was Told In Reverse: The Untold Truth About The Transatlantic Slave Trade Story," "False Heroes False Hopes," and "Tracing Your Family's Genealogical History By Records: First Edition Instructional Guide," are veritable masterpieces that challenge prevailing narratives and offer fresh perspectives on historical events.

In the realm of filmmaking, Dane Calloway has showcased his prowess as a producer, writer, editor, and director through compelling documentaries such as "Biological Warfare," "Reversed," "The Game of Race: Blackface 2.0," "Gentrification," and "Innocent Until Proven Guilty: A Bill Cosby Story." These films delve deep into contemporary issues, providing viewers with thought-provoking insights and prompting critical discussions on topics often overlooked by mainstream media.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dane Calloway takes immense pride in his identity as a freethinker. He passionately advocates for individuals to liberate their minds from the shackles of conventional indoctrination, urging them to seize control of their mental landscapes. His rallying cry, "I'm Just Here To Make You Think," encapsulates his unwavering commitment to encouraging others to question, explore, and challenge the narratives they encounter.

In his personal life, Dane is married to Taneisha Calloway, who undoubtedly serves as a pillar of support in his relentless pursuit of truth and knowledge. Together, they navigate life's journey, fortified by their shared values and commitment to making a difference in the world.

Dane Calloway's legacy is not only defined by his remarkable body of work but also by his profound impact on the way we perceive history, education, and critical thinking. With each endeavor, he challenges us to cast aside the veil of complacency and embrace the pursuit of unembellished truths. In doing so, he leaves an indelible mark on the world, one that encourages us all to join him in the quest for deeper understanding and enlightenment.


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hi i’m an older sister that has been trying to get in contact with bro Dane or his wife for some time . i have something i would like for you to see. if you get this email could you please contact me , or let me know of a more simple way to contact you . Thank You


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