The Ancient Giants That Lived In America

The Ancient Giants That Lived In America

On this captivating journey into the depths of American history, acclaimed educational teacher, historian, author, film producer, and YouTube content creator Dane Calloway delves into the fascinating and often overlooked topic of 'Ancient American Giants.' In this thought-provoking video, Dane Calloway uncovers an astonishing narrative hidden within the pages of the Bible, a record that most followers of Christianity have unknowingly missed.

Did Giants Live Amongst Us? 

Prepare to be astounded as Dane Calloway introduces you to Kiwasa, an enigmatic ancient indigenous American female giant whose role was to safeguard the remains of the indigenous peoples. As we unravel the layers of this intriguing tale, you'll discover how the imagery depicting Kiwasa was cunningly altered over time to transform her from a guardian of ancestral legacies into a demonized figure with both human and animal-like features.

This video is a mesmerizing exploration of how the Indigenous people's essential spiritual history was cunningly obscured through deceptive alterations and how the legacy of these American giants remains concealed from mainstream narratives.

Get ready to embark on a journey of enlightenment, challenging preconceptions and unraveling the mysteries at the intersection of history, spirituality, and deception. Dane Calloway's revelations will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew and inspire you to dive deeper into the hidden annals of our past.


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Hi Dane,
Should I believe the bible?

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